This and the other the diver pieces will be compiled into a little book I'm making for the up coming Alternative Press Expo (aka APE).


JOSE said...

Is he counting the number of divers he's killed?

Mike Manomivibul said...

Maybe, who knows?

nikko said...

I'll be an international buyer! put me on the list for a copy of the book. Looking good.

When you work in Sumi are you working wet into wet or in layers (more like water color) gradually building up. Have you ever tried girding your own ink from ink sticks rather than using pre mixed sumi ink?

Mike Manomivibul said...

I'll reserve a copy for you Nikko.
I use sumi both wet in wet and layered depending on the desired effect. I have ground my own ink but not often. Mostly when I need a large blank wash because the hand ground stuff has a more organic and unpredictable granulation effect that makes a big blank space a little more interesting.