Hey guys, here is the next piece.

Trying to push the graphic quantity of the work. I wanted to really emphasize the light quality of the bubbles, they are breaking up the dark silhouette of the diver, vaporizing him and then almost vanishing into the background, barely visible.

At least that's how I hope it reads.


Lea said...

Totally fucking rad. Nice work!

JOSE said...

that air bubble effect turned out great, can't wait to see the printed version.

grim said...

this picture is really great. you've come such a long way since those first drawings of clams and lobsters (and i love that clam drawing!!)

Jeremy Forson said...

I think your compositions and values are spot on. IT seems like you've got a style and subject that you're passionate about, and that's fantastic. I don't know if a critique is wanted but I'll give you my opinion anyway :) I'll say to you what Barron once said to me: "That white got really cold on you."

I used to use Pro-white and had this same problem (I don't know what you're using), it's too reflective and doesn't scan well, so it looks blue-ish. I feel like that's what's happening here. Feel free to delete this if you want, but I think a warmer white would really take these to the next level.


Mike Manomivibul said...

Thanks Jeremy, I'm using FW white and I know exactly what your talking about, right now I'm not too bothered by it because these are going to be reproduced in black and white but for the future I definitely want to find a warmer white to use.

K. Ortiz is a said...

can we get prints for our home of this too? :O or how about a art trade? i'll give you my crappy paintings for one of these!..

these are awesome mike! Can't get enough of em!