Last one

Thats it! Last piece is done. I have learned so much making these pictures, its pretty hard looking back at the first few.

These pieces have been really important to me just on a personal level. I had been feeling extremely frustrated and depressed with myself during the year and a half after college but I think now I have a much better idea of who I am as an artist.

So now I have to produce the book, get everything printed and just hope I get a decent turn out at APE, will keep you guys posted on how things are coming together.


Brian Bowes said...

Nice work Michael! These are a really great set of images!

nikko said...

Mike, I understand the frustration that follows coming out of Art school. I fell into a rut once I arrived in Japan, one would expect such a move to bring about a flourish of inspiration. But it didn't. So with a few months lost i set about at working the rust off and I've been working away since this february on a series of new work and I'm finally hitting on some stuff I'm really proud of. I've got a show coming up in January where i'll be showing a few of my drawings and paintings and a few sumi ink images. Remember to put me down for a copy of the book. Your immensely talented and I've always had much respect for you. Keep it up, I'll agree with Brian in saying that this is a great set of images. By the way, I'm going to Thailand in December, you wouldn't happen to be making a trip home at that time would you?