Still Alive!

The post A.P.E silence around here hasn't been because I've been idle thankfully.

Recently I was contacted by the Folio Society to potentiality work on a book project with them, after much toil on my part I got the job! I will be creating ten illustrations and the cover for J. Meade Falkner's Moonfleet, a tale of smugglers and adventure set in the mid 1800s.

This really is a dream project for me and I can't really express how excited I am for this opportunity! Unfortunately I won't be able to show the work I'm doing until much closer to publishing time so you all will have to wait and see.

In other news I will also be contributing to the Six word tales project created by Stiles White so look forward to that soon!


zach oldenkamp said...

congratulations man. so so proud man.

Brian Bowes said...

Congratulations Michael~ glad that you got the gig!