In the Shadow of Poe

Hey it's done!
I've just wrapped up work on IDW's "In The Shadow of Poe" the third book in a series spotlighting classic mystery and horror literature. Look down to see some of the work.

In The Shadow Of Poe Cover
Lost Heats
The Yellow Wallpaper
The Monkey's Paw
A tragedy In Bones

I know I've been saying this a lot but I had a great time doing these! This book is my personal favorite of the series, full of classics like "The Monkey's Paw" and "The Yellow Wallpaper". I feel like I really hit a good groove working on these and am proud of how they turned out.

Thanks to IDW, Jeff Conner and Leslie Klinger for giving me the opportunity to work on these books!

Next up, a little more wolves and a return to the depths.



Glenn Keelan said...

Great new work Michael! You should be very pleased with your work. :-D Keep it up and check our http://travislouie.blogspot.com/. I think you might like his work. Glenn :-)

Vivian KD Truong said...

You are unbelievable talented! I absolutely love the yellow wall paper one. Might I interest you in a trade of sorts you talented man you?