Art by committee

This work was done for James Gurney's monthly art by committee assignment. This month's Abc was to illustrate the owner of a business card, which went something like this.

Harvard Depository

Trudy. L.

Operations Manager

A depository for books and records

As you can see I took a pretty playful approach. I hope it reads ok.

Above is a quick look at the steps I'm taking to make a finished picture. First one on the left I'm just reinforcing the drawing, setting up the darkest lines and some of the texture. Next using washes I establish the major value shapes, no details so when you squint or see it in a thumbnail it looks alot like it will when done. In the third image using white ink the lighting is fine tuned, adding in small value shapes but not altering the previous step's value hierarchy. Finally the details are added with a few tweaks and fine tuning.

Hope this wasn't too long winded, brain numbing or strait up dumb but I hope you enjoyed it anyways.