Lots of Traveling

Hi everyone!

It's been crazy busy, at the end of April I attended the MoCCA festival and had an AMAZING time. I was completely surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to my work, truly humbling. To everyone I met that weekend, thank you so much!

I made a lot of new friends like my table neighbors Gillian Grossman and Ray both super talented and only just now graduating from SVA. Ray Jones, who's work I have been admiring for sometime now. Jade Lee who gave me a copy of her beautiful book "The allegory of the Sandwich". It's always good catching up with my fellow traveling artists Tyrell Cannon and Josh Shalek.

In a week I will be attending the first ever Spectrum Art Live ! I'll be sharing a booth with my friends and amazing artists Brynn Metheney and Colin Nitta. If your attending please stop by!

Okay now for some new art! My friends Dean Stuart and Jose Moreno started a little traveling sketch book, it already has the likes of Grim Wilkins, Jonathan Stagnaro and myself in it. Soon to have the above mentioned Brynn and the talented Jenna Trost.

I'm a very very lucky person to be surrounded by such a talented group of friends, I know if I don't keep running I'll be left in the dust. The best motivator is and probably always will be shame. 

See you in a few weeks when I'm back home, and hope to see a few of you on the road, thanks for stopping by.