Spectrum and Poe!

Hi! I'm happy to announce that I will be working on another "In The Shadow of..." book with IDW. I've just finished the cover which you can see below.

In other news, I've just received my artist copy of Spectrum 18! Really exciting and kinda unbelievable. I'm not really sure how I pulled it off but I'm still waiting for the "Sorry there's been a mistake..." letter but until then I'll take it.  

That's it for now, this has definitely been a year to be thankful for and I'm hoping this is just the beginning. 

Thanks for reading! 


In The Shadow of Sherlock Holmes

Hey guys! I'm pleased to show you the work I did for IDW's new annotated anthology "In The Shadow of Sherlock Holmes" 21 stories published during the earliest days of detective literature, 1862 to 1910.

  Great fun to work on! You can preorder the book here!


Post APE thank you!

Another year another APE! Thanks so much to those who dropped by to say hello or picked up a print your support is always ALWAYS deeply appreciated! 

I met some great people and amazing artists this year, nothing beats events like APE for fostering a shared sense of purpose, inspiration and mutual respect amongst a diverse group of creators. I'm thankful for the opportunity to refill my art inspiration batteries.

For now thank you again to all the awesome people I met this weekend, I hope the coming year treats you well, see you next time at APE!



APE Preview

Tomorrow the Alternative Press Expo is live! Come see me at table 207b, I'll be tabling with Jose Moreno and Tyrell Cannon both of whom will be showcasing new books!

Also at the show my buddies Grim Wilkins, Dean Stuart, Reid Psaltis and Bill Robinson. Grim is selling a new set of prints and his book "Love story in the woods" is not to be missed, Reid will have a new printing of his fantastic "Cryptozoology: A Pragmatist's Guide" and Bill is debuting his new children's book "M is for Mutt and other tales"

As for me I'll have a new set of prints (preview below), original art and exclusive con sketches! Check the previous post to see some of the new merchandise I'll be offering this year. 

Very excited, a little nervous and altogether hugely happy to be at APE once again. Hope to see you this weekend!



APE and beyond!

Hey everyone! I know its been quiet around here lately but today I've got a few things to show off and a feel things to invite you too. 

First off I've received an advance copy of "In the Shadow of Dracula" I think it turned out great and am excited for it to be in stores, you can pre-order it HERE. If you want a closer look at my insides (of the book that is) click HERE
It turned out so well that I've been working on another very similar project "In the Shadow of Sherlock Holmes". I'll show you all that stuff imminently!

It's hard to believe but its that time of the year again, APE (the Alternative Press Expo) is just around the corner next weekend. I've got some new merch in the form of pins and stickers, of course a new series of prints. Its the year of the Knight! Come find me at table 207B!

And last but by no means least I'm honored to be a part of CCA's Illustration alumni show. As you can see below the show is looking really strong and its humbling to be included in such a group. If you can please come by, it will be a great night of catching up and general camaraderie!! 


Pressure's on

It's been quiet around here, but I've not been idle. I've been reevaluating my approach to everything lately, thinking hard on what my pictures are about and how I execute them. I've got a lot of ideas but pulling them all together has been a crawl and very humbling. With that said I think its starting to come together and I hope to have the first glimpse of it all at this year's Alternative Press Expo, which is only a month away! 

Till then heres something I did for a friend's birthday!



Post 4th post

Hey! Hope everyone had a good long weekend.

New cover piece for IDW's series of reprint collections, this time its "In the Shadow of Sherlock Holmes", a collection of stories contemporary to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective. Super fast turnover on this one as it was done in one weekend and painted in a night! 

Most of my work this year has been made on very tight deadlines, it's been great to see just what I'm capable of when pressed but I'm looking forward to taking sometime and rethinking my approach. 

New personal work inbound! 


In The Shadow of Dracula

Finished! This is an anthology of classic Vampire literature, the stories selected because of their influence on Bram Stoker's classic or because history has forgotten them due to Dracula's popularity. 

This project was great fun and surprising in many ways, it was a pleasure reading stories in which the "Vampire" was a much more broad and varied creature compared to what we have become used to in contemporary media. Many of the pieces were executed very quickly due to tight deadlines but I'm proud of how they turned out.  

Enjoy and be terrified! 

The Cover

The book will be published by IDW sometime this year, I'll update when a solid date is announced.


Hellbound #3 and Spectrum!

This is my final incentive cover for IDW's "That Hellbound Train" It's been a lot of fun working on these covers and a little bit of a dream come true. 

In other awesome news I have just uploaded my first ever accepted Spectrum entry! I'm amazingly grateful and humbled to be included this year!


Hellbound Train #2, Good News and New York!

Great news!

I found out I will be in The Spectrum art annual this year! This is my first time and I could not be more excited. Will update on which piece made it when I receive my official acceptance letter. 

Below is the my second cover for IDW's "That Hellbound Train", I've been given great freedom with these covers and am having a blast!

"That Hellbound Train" #2 incentive cover

Also my first appearance in Previews! Seeing my name in print is still a new thing for me.

Finally, I will be jetting off to New York this week to attend the annual MOCCA Festival (That is the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) . This is my first time attending, I've heard only great things so I'm super excited.

Lots of great things have been happening lately, 2011 has been crazy cool so far. 

Thanks everyone! 


First comic book cover!

Yes!! And more on the way!



It has been a very exciting and busy few weeks for me! I'm working on a pros project for IDW (preview of which you can see below). 

And I will also me doing the incentive covers for the last remaining two issues of IDW's adaptation of "That Hellbound Train". Super excited!


Cover Work!

I've just found out that I will have a piece published as a cover for IDW comics! 

The piece will be an alternate incentive cover for That Hell Bound Train #1. I feel incredibly fortunate and would like to thank Bobby Curnow at IDW for this awesome opportunity!

"That Hell Bound Train #1 Incentive Cover"
Hope this is the start of more to come!

Thanks everyone.


Happy new year! Art and deadlines

Hope everyone had a great holiday season, I really have a good feeling about this year and have a bunch of exciting things planned. New year new piece, pretty happy with this one...

This will be one of my entries so Spectrum this year, if you don't already have it marked on your calender the deadline for submissions is the 28th. Good luck to all this years entrants (including your truly). 

I sincerely hope everyone has an amazing year!