Chicago Comic Con!

Chicago, you're a cool place! Last weekend I attended my first BIG convention, Wizard World Chicago. It was easily my most successful convention so far in many ways.

There is a certain pageantry that goes with a big comic convention, epic voiced announcer riling up the crowd at the start of the day, intermittent hall wide cheering as Stan Lee walks in, legendary duals and photo ops with fictional characters come to life. I've been to these before, I've seen it before but it's something different to be fixed within it; just watching it go.
The joy of watching countless people united by the collective freedom of letting their nerd flag fly for a few days!

Some photo highlights!

You know your doing okay when all the Bat Girls buy your stuff!

My stuff about to head onto a Corellian Corvette to a galaxy far far away

 Two of the commissions I took on while at the show. Tons of fun to try and whip out something good on the spot.

I met so many awesome people last weekend, I still have a hard time believing that my work was eliciting such a positive reaction from people. Thank you so much for your support and kind words Chicago!

I also made many new art friends at the show, check out of their stuff at some of the links below:

Jason Keith Phillips of mayonnaiseandbread.com

Amazing web comic by Daniel Warren www.space-mullet.com
The awesome inking of Edmond Lee edmond.artistwebsites.com
My Bay Area colleague Jenny Parks http://www.jennyparks.com/
The off kilter cuteness of the Little Brass Bird www.littlebrassbird.com
My hosts for the trip, the truly excellent Tyrell Cannon and Tina Chan! See Tyrell's amazing comic work at www.tyrellcannon.com and Tina's beautiful Jewelery here http://tytinjewelry.blogspot.com/

I met many more but I can't remember everyone's links! Let me know if I missed you.

Again thank you everyone I met in Chicago, great people and an amazing place. My next show will be back home for APE in San Francisco.

Wet and Soggy for my one day out and about! Gee thanks Chicago weather!