Hellbound Train #2, Good News and New York!

Great news!

I found out I will be in The Spectrum art annual this year! This is my first time and I could not be more excited. Will update on which piece made it when I receive my official acceptance letter. 

Below is the my second cover for IDW's "That Hellbound Train", I've been given great freedom with these covers and am having a blast!

"That Hellbound Train" #2 incentive cover

Also my first appearance in Previews! Seeing my name in print is still a new thing for me.

Finally, I will be jetting off to New York this week to attend the annual MOCCA Festival (That is the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) . This is my first time attending, I've heard only great things so I'm super excited.

Lots of great things have been happening lately, 2011 has been crazy cool so far. 

Thanks everyone!