The first pieces for my new project "Knights Errant". Each one depicts a knight at quests end, prize in tow or not.

These were super fun and a nice change of pace. Trying to really pushing my character design muscles while exploring different takes on the tropes of the hero's quest and classic fantasy. 

These also happened to be birthday gifts to pals Grim Wilkins and Jenna Trost

Looking forward to more of these! 

Thanks for looking, 


Holiday Sale!

Hey Folks! 

New work is inbound I promise, been working on some longer term projects that I can't show just yet, but soon! Till then everything in my store will be 40% off! Just enter HOLIDAYSALE as a discount code during checkout. Sale runs till Xmas eve!!


Día de los Muertos!

Happy day of the dead!

In honor of today I'd like to share my tribute to not only one of my video games of all time but one of my favorite stories ever.

If you grew up playing games in the 90s it's likely you played a Lucas Arts adventure game, classics like Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle and of course The Monkey Island series. The last adventure game to come out of Lucas Arts was Grim Fandango, an amazing film noir story set in the Mexican afterlife that blends an art deco design with day of the dead folk art and has a sound track that combines Jazz and Mariachi music. Was that a mouthful? I can't help it, there was so much going on but it all comes together so well, so AMAZINGLY well. Anyways if you don't know or haven't played it please look it up.

The man most responsible for this amazing piece of fiction is Tim Schafer, he now runs a company called Double Fine (of Kickstarter fame) based here in San Francisco. A few weeks ago I was honored to give him this piece as thanks for all the great stories and games over the years. I must also mention the amazing Peter Chan who's art is the major contribution to just how amazing this game ended up being. The game came out in 1998, almost nothing from back then holds up as well so many years later.

This painting was one of the more involved pieces I've made in a long time, above I've included  my progress through the piece.

Anyways, again happy Día de los Muertos, thanks to Tim Schafer and Peter Chan for creating such an amazing piece of fiction and happy childhood memories.



Happy Halloween!

A quick one to get into the mood!


The goods and APE

Hi folks!

I'm happy to show off my new shirt! To debut this weekend (tomorrow!?) at APE in San Francisco. I'll be at table 729

The shirts are hand printed and each eye is hand painted by your truly. Shirts will be $20 and come in all the usual sizes (S-XL). The shirts will be available online after APE at my Store

This year I have a whole new selection of prints, none of these have been available at APE before, come check them out.

Prints will be $10 each but if you buy three they'r yours for only $20. Of course I'm also part of the Street Fighter Fan Art round up, details below.

Super excited, hope to see you all this weekend!



Yoga Fire!

Hi folks! 

As a fun side project for this year's APE me and a few of my fellow exhibitors decided to make an Art Print scavenger hunt. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you:

The exhibitors involved include My self, Jose MorenoGrim WilkinsDean StuartKevin Wada and Colin Nitta

My fighter of choice, Dhalsim. 
Did we include your favorite fighter?  


It's October

Hi folks!

Well October is here, and it's stuffed to the brim with cool events and news.

First thing, A.P.E is just around the corner! October 13th and 14th. This will be my fourth year exhibiting, joining me will be an all star line up of the Bay area's best.

My longtime table mate Jose Moreno, best buds Grim Wilkins and Jenna Trost, Dean Stuart, Kevin Wada and Colin Nitta plus many more talented friends and associates. It's going to be an amazing show! Stay tuned for more updates as the show nears.

In other slightly separate news, Tr!ckster is opening a brand new store this month, I'm honored to be part of the grand opening Halloween art show. This show is going be something special, my small contribution can be seen below, this piece will also be available as a print at A.P.E.

Halloween Knight

Okay, that's it for now but expect frequent updates through out this month! Lots of things going on!

Thanks for dropping by,



Enter the Kraken!

I recently finished a personal commission, this one was a beast! I haven't spent this long on an image since school, it was a real back and forth struggle to capture the necessary scale and atmosphere! Was I successful? Judge for yourself.

Good times with the beast! 
- Michael  



Available as a print soon! Debuting at APE next month and then available in the store after that.


New shirt design

Hi there! Here's my new t-shirt design, to debut in October at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. This is the raw artwork so stay tuned for a glimpse at the finished shirt before the show.

I'm stupidly excited about this one, I just want to wear it. I hope you do too!

- Michael


Thank you Sergio Toppi

Whenever someone asks who my favorite artists are I say there are four, these four were love at first sight and I remember the exact moment I discovered each. Today we lost one of those four; let me tell you about the first time I laid eyes on the work of Sergio Toppi.

It was my junior year at art school, at this point I was becoming somewhat confident in the kind of art I liked and felt like I was becoming fairly well informed on what was out there at the moment. I already had three loves (I'll detail those other three at a later date). One day I was visiting Barron Storey's sequential class during a break, Barron always brings a stack of books from his library to share with the class. I was thumbing through them, I'd seen most of it before by now; when suddenly my eyes came to rest on this.

My hands flash out, I flip the book open and I fall. I fall head over heels in love. I can't really describe the feeling, best I can say is that I was consumed, I just fell into the pages. Nothing else existed, the class began again around me. When I came to my senses; I asked Barron if I could borrow the book. He looked pained, like I might be a toddler about to excitedly tear through the book with jammy hands, but after a moment's hesitation he said yes. The ride home was a blur as I poured over the book on the bus, the evening disappeared as I studied and studied.

I know I've been rambling, honestly I don't know how else to articulate my feelings for Mr. Toppi's art. Elsewhere you will find writings about Toppi's amazing page layouts and his mastery of line and texture. I don't have to tell you how amazing the art is, you can see that for yourself, all I can tell you about is the effect the art had on me. Toppi's books were hard to acquire here, Stuart Ng was the only place I could find them (Stuart is the nicest guy ever by the way). Every year I would pick up a few new Toppi books at which ever convention I found Stuart's booth at, I can't even read the books (they are in French and Italian) but they tell the story just as well with or without words.

This year has been brutal on the collective art wisdom of the world, but this one stings the most for me. Goodbye Sergio Toppi, thank you.



Chicago Comic Con!

Chicago, you're a cool place! Last weekend I attended my first BIG convention, Wizard World Chicago. It was easily my most successful convention so far in many ways.

There is a certain pageantry that goes with a big comic convention, epic voiced announcer riling up the crowd at the start of the day, intermittent hall wide cheering as Stan Lee walks in, legendary duals and photo ops with fictional characters come to life. I've been to these before, I've seen it before but it's something different to be fixed within it; just watching it go.
The joy of watching countless people united by the collective freedom of letting their nerd flag fly for a few days!

Some photo highlights!

You know your doing okay when all the Bat Girls buy your stuff!

My stuff about to head onto a Corellian Corvette to a galaxy far far away

 Two of the commissions I took on while at the show. Tons of fun to try and whip out something good on the spot.

I met so many awesome people last weekend, I still have a hard time believing that my work was eliciting such a positive reaction from people. Thank you so much for your support and kind words Chicago!

I also made many new art friends at the show, check out of their stuff at some of the links below:

Jason Keith Phillips of mayonnaiseandbread.com

Amazing web comic by Daniel Warren www.space-mullet.com
The awesome inking of Edmond Lee edmond.artistwebsites.com
My Bay Area colleague Jenny Parks http://www.jennyparks.com/
The off kilter cuteness of the Little Brass Bird www.littlebrassbird.com
My hosts for the trip, the truly excellent Tyrell Cannon and Tina Chan! See Tyrell's amazing comic work at www.tyrellcannon.com and Tina's beautiful Jewelery here http://tytinjewelry.blogspot.com/

I met many more but I can't remember everyone's links! Let me know if I missed you.

Again thank you everyone I met in Chicago, great people and an amazing place. My next show will be back home for APE in San Francisco.

Wet and Soggy for my one day out and about! Gee thanks Chicago weather!


The Darkness...


A new piece I did for an up coming book, "The Darkness of the Womb" by Richard Knight. I don't know if anyone else has ever depicted a whale sized umbilical cord monster, I'm happy to be the first to bring this unto the world. 



After Spectrum Live

Hey everyone,

I just had the most amazing weekend. It was full of excitement, nerves and lots of introspection but mostly it was full of love. It was Spectrum Fantastical Art Live and it was amazing.

As artists much of our time is spent holed up in caves; dreaming. We have imaginary friends whom we write to and sometimes talk to through an intangible network of tubes. This weekend I realized that all my friends are real; that my idols are amazing, kind people and that we all love what we do. Days later I'm still buzzing on this realization and even though I haven't had much sleep lately I can hardly keep my eyes closed, I'm still so excited.

Below is a quick photo log of the weekend. I didn't get to take nearly as many pictures as I wanted to, to busy being flabbergasted by the majesty of it all.   

Our humble booth.
Dealing with the pressure.

The just view outside the convention hall, Kansas City is full of these amazing views.
The Midland theater where the first ever Spectrum Awards show took place, jaw dropping.
Jack Stacks Celebratory dinner!
Colin, myself and Brynn in the last minutes of the show (Thanks Steven for the photo)

I want to thank the Fenners for making such a thing possible and for running such a smooth show!
Thanks to my booth mates Brynn Metheney and Colin Nitta for making every part of the experience so fun. And thanks so everyone who I met at the show for the support, kind words and inspiration. I hope to see you all next year.




Spectrum Art Live!

Hi Guys,

Just a quick reminder that I will be at Spectrum Art Live this weekend. Armed with prints and some original art. I'll be sharing a booth with my esteemed colleagues Brynn Metheney and Colin Nitta. Please drop by and say hi! Its going to be amazing!

Flyer by Brynn Metheney


Lots of Traveling

Hi everyone!

It's been crazy busy, at the end of April I attended the MoCCA festival and had an AMAZING time. I was completely surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to my work, truly humbling. To everyone I met that weekend, thank you so much!

I made a lot of new friends like my table neighbors Gillian Grossman and Ray both super talented and only just now graduating from SVA. Ray Jones, who's work I have been admiring for sometime now. Jade Lee who gave me a copy of her beautiful book "The allegory of the Sandwich". It's always good catching up with my fellow traveling artists Tyrell Cannon and Josh Shalek.

In a week I will be attending the first ever Spectrum Art Live ! I'll be sharing a booth with my friends and amazing artists Brynn Metheney and Colin Nitta. If your attending please stop by!

Okay now for some new art! My friends Dean Stuart and Jose Moreno started a little traveling sketch book, it already has the likes of Grim Wilkins, Jonathan Stagnaro and myself in it. Soon to have the above mentioned Brynn and the talented Jenna Trost.

I'm a very very lucky person to be surrounded by such a talented group of friends, I know if I don't keep running I'll be left in the dust. The best motivator is and probably always will be shame. 

See you in a few weeks when I'm back home, and hope to see a few of you on the road, thanks for stopping by. 



MoCCA Fest!

This weekend I'll be in New York exhibiting at the MoCCA Festival! If your in the area drop by and say hi, this will be my first ever out of town con so the more friendly faces the better!

I will be at table C16 B armed with prints, buttons and sundry other goods. Keep an eye out for my spiffy new banner!

See you soon New York!



Getting back into the water...

Hi! Its time to return to my one true muse, its time to dive back in.

This past year was my most productive ever, lots of varied work has made me grow by leaps and bounds as an artist. I've been really eager to put all that I've learned back into work that is completely my own.

A Seed

This piece will be available as a print soon, details to come!




My last incentive cover for IDW's "Night of 1000 Wolves" mini series. This is a creator owned series by Bobby Curnow and Dave Wachter. I worked previously on the pair's "That Hell Bound Train".

Night Of 1000 Wolves #3 incentive cover

 Thanks guys for letting me tag along! See Dave's main covers and interior work HERE


In the Shadow of Poe

Hey it's done!
I've just wrapped up work on IDW's "In The Shadow of Poe" the third book in a series spotlighting classic mystery and horror literature. Look down to see some of the work.

In The Shadow Of Poe Cover
Lost Heats
The Yellow Wallpaper
The Monkey's Paw
A tragedy In Bones

I know I've been saying this a lot but I had a great time doing these! This book is my personal favorite of the series, full of classics like "The Monkey's Paw" and "The Yellow Wallpaper". I feel like I really hit a good groove working on these and am proud of how they turned out.

Thanks to IDW, Jeff Conner and Leslie Klinger for giving me the opportunity to work on these books!

Next up, a little more wolves and a return to the depths.



Zombie Werewolves and New York

Hey guys!

Here's my second cover for a new series from IDW, a perfect image for Valentines day!

In other news I'll be exhibiting at this year's Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival (MoCCA Fest) in Manhattan. This is my first out of town convention and first east coast convention, excited and intimidated in equal measures! More information about the event HERE!

Thanks guys, more for you soon.


Wolves and Spectrum Live!

Happy New Year!

Gah it's the new year already??
New cover for a creator owned comic series, more details to come. Tons of fun and lots of challenge in this piece for me, besides fish and invertebrates I don't get to tackle a lot of animals in my work so this was a great learning experience.  

In other news, this year I'm planning on really getting out there and exhibiting at cons. Probably the biggest of which will be Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! With getting into Spectrum for the first time last year the timing seems right. Link below for further details.

 Check out that list of exhibitors!