Craft fair!

Thanks to everyone who came by and said hi at today's CCA holiday craft fair! I always have a great time. If you missed anything you can always purchase prints and other goods at my online shop HERE.

Happy holidays everyone!


Let it rain

Hey guys, just wanted to share a new piece.



Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I've got some quickie paintings I did for fun and warm ups, I think at least one of these is appropriate for the holiday. 

                                                      "Journeyman"            "Hung"

I think I will put these up for sale in the store, they are pretty small 3.5 x 11.
Edit: These are now available at the store, HERE



Hey guys! 

So by overwhelming demand I now have an online store! You can order the prints that I've been selling at shows and sundry other goods that I will be whipping up in the future. I'm still tweaking everything so please bare with me. Any feed back about the look or function of the store is most welcome!

I must reiterate how much I appreciate you good folks spending your hard earned cash on me, your support really pushes me to better my self and my art, thank you.  

Store link to your left and also right HERE


Post A.P.E

I'm sitting here exhausted typing this, I've just gotten back from the convention center but I just really had to get this out. 

Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by this weekend. Thank you for your kind words and for buying my stuff with your hard earned cash. I cannot put into words the depth of my gratitude and appreciation for your support. 

If this sounds corny then it is because I just have no other way of saying thank you, so again to everyone I met this weekend THANK YOU SO MUCH.

                                       Michael Manomivibul

Left: Stuart Ng purchased a few prints and a shirt, then we talked about Ramen. Sweet!

Left: The Spread, minus one print that sold out lightning fast.

All photos courtesy of the awesome Stef Boone.                                                                                       


A.P.E !!!

The time is upon us! The Alternative Press Expo is this weekend October 16th & 17th from 11-7, head over to their site for more detail.

I've got all my materials together and ready to go now. At the show I will be selling....

Art prints in 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 14, bigger prints are much more limited. All prints are digitally printed on 90lb Fabriano watercolor paper. They look great! 

To see the art more clearly click here.

I will also have T-shirts for sale, hand silk screened by yours truly. Sizes available from small to extra large. 

Ok guys, I hope you like what you see and I hope to see you there!



Pretty happy with how this one turned out, I got all the pieces I had planned to have for APE so now its production time!



Hey guys, APE is fast approaching and I've got the petal to the metal, the fruits of which you can view below.




New Piece!



Get the ball rolling!

So finally getting things in gear for APE. A new series of pieces are the works and will be available as prints for the show. Here is a preview, more to come soon!


Moonfleet is officially up for sale!

Yes you heard me Moonfleet is finally ready for sale at the Folio Society! This is the first image of my finished cover, it is a blocked design using silver foil to suggest moon light. I think it came out pretty cool looking. So if your up for joining the Folio Society you too can have your very own copy of Moonfleet.


Moonfleet prints by the Folio Society

Hey guys, I've been out for a bit here I know, things have been pretty tumultuous for me recently but I'm gearing up for this years A.P.E and so will hopefully have some new work up soon!

Till then I've just gotten word that the Folio Society's prints service is up and running, so now you can purchase fine prints of my Moonfleet work from the Society. Looks like you can order anything from post cards to fully framed canvas giclees. I receive 20% of each sale so you know, help a guy out!

My page at Folio Society Prints

Thanks for looking.


Finally Moonfleet!

I've been given the official okay to post my work for the Folio Society's "Moonfleet" by J. Meade Falkner. For me this was a huge project and my biggest job to date.

Thank you to Sheri Gee and everyone at the Folio society for this amazing opportunity it was truly a pleasure working with you!

(Please forgive the quality blogger does some weird things to imagines sometimes.)


Six Word Tales and other news

Hello, it's been awhile but I have not been idle. My project with the Folio Society has come to a close and now I'm just waiting for permission to show the work here, so check back for that!

I have another Six word tale up at sixwordtales.com.

I also have a piece in the upcoming issue of Hyphen magazine that I will post up here shortly!


Six Word Tales

A little while ago I was contacted by Stiles White to contribute to his six word tales project. I've had a lot of fun playing with this and believe that Stiles has created a really great opportunity for images and words to play off each other in a manner not often seen. Anyways here is my contribution, this won't be the last!