Farewell and Hello!

Hey folks!

I'm making a change, I'm migrating over to a new blog and a new portfolio site! Blogger has been very good to me but it's been a long time now and the internet waits for no one.

While I'm excited for a change and fresh look, this old beater of a blog as served me well and seen me change and grow immensely, when I go back to 2008 I see someone just starting to emerge from a deep and dark art funk. You've seen me get my first job, attend my first convention and hold my first published work in my hands. I'm very lucky and this blog is the chronicle of my steps to this point.

Please join me over at my new space (same old address)  www.mikemanoart.com I'd love it of you stayed on for this next leg of the journey.




New sightings: El Chupacabra!


It's going to be an exciting few months as I'm able to formally announce the projects I've been working on all year.

Let's start with my little contribution to Roland Smith's newest book CHUPACABRA!


Super fun and one of my first creature centric pieces. Much more to come soon, big big announcements incoming!


Just unwinding

A pinup I did for my friend Reid's upcoming story collection, see more of Reid's work at reidpsaltis.com



Going to be in San Diego for the con to end all cons? Make sure to fight your way over to see your's truly and comrade Brynn. Booth #708!



Hey Folks!
During Spectrum Live I was honored to participate in video interview series by Flesk Publications about the importance of The Spectrum annual and it's influence on our field. Please check it out!
Part One features Craig Elliott, Gary Gianni, Mark Nelson, David Peterson, Virginie Ropars and myself.

Thanks to John Fleskes and Jonathan Leveck for including me!


Thank you SPECTRUM Art LIVE 2!

Brynn and me, at the end of all things (till next year) 

I've been sitting here at my keyboard for the last 40 minutes trying to figure out where to start, how I could possibly line up the experience of last weekend and pick a starting point. I've just realized I'm an idiot, I know exactly where to start.


In 2003 I flew to the Bay Area from Bangkok Thailand, to attend a school I had never seen in a place I had never been to. I knew vaguely that I wanted to be an "illustrator" but honestly I barely knew the meaning of the word, to say I had no idea what I was doing is putting it lightly. Then, in a random dorm room a kid I didn't know handed this huge book, SPECTRUM 10. When I cracked that thing open I knew who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do and most importantly I knew there was a place for me.

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live has given us all a place to belong, where for a weekend we can completely indulge and not meter our selves. One can vent their frustrations on trying to mix the same temperature of white then turn around and share their opinion on the latest film adaptation of their favorite book. Mutual respect and gushing admiration happen in the same breath.

It's been this progression of finding my place in the community. From opening my first Spectrum and realizing that there even was a community, to somehow sharing a space on those pages and now to meet and share a drink with people whom I've admired from a far for so long.

Thank you again Cathy and Arnie, you've given us all a place to belong.


Spectrum 20!!

Hi folks! I know the silence has been deafening but rest assured many exciting things are in the works. For now I'd like to announce that TWO of my pieces have been accepted into Spectrum 20! This is my second appearance in the hallowed tome that is the Spectrum annual, I'm just out of my mind excited to be included this year! Below are the two accepted pieces.

 Till next time!


A New Year!

Hi folks!

It's been a little while but rest assured I've not been idle. Let me just get right to it and show you a little personal piece I've been working on. 

The Hunter's Wife

Beyond this piece; I've been plugging away at my children's book and I also have a few other big projects I can't say much about yet, but I'm very excited! I also have a packed convention schedule, specific dates and cons to be announced shortly. 

So much is going on this year, thank you for sticking with me. More to come soon!