After Spectrum Live

Hey everyone,

I just had the most amazing weekend. It was full of excitement, nerves and lots of introspection but mostly it was full of love. It was Spectrum Fantastical Art Live and it was amazing.

As artists much of our time is spent holed up in caves; dreaming. We have imaginary friends whom we write to and sometimes talk to through an intangible network of tubes. This weekend I realized that all my friends are real; that my idols are amazing, kind people and that we all love what we do. Days later I'm still buzzing on this realization and even though I haven't had much sleep lately I can hardly keep my eyes closed, I'm still so excited.

Below is a quick photo log of the weekend. I didn't get to take nearly as many pictures as I wanted to, to busy being flabbergasted by the majesty of it all.   

Our humble booth.
Dealing with the pressure.

The just view outside the convention hall, Kansas City is full of these amazing views.
The Midland theater where the first ever Spectrum Awards show took place, jaw dropping.
Jack Stacks Celebratory dinner!
Colin, myself and Brynn in the last minutes of the show (Thanks Steven for the photo)

I want to thank the Fenners for making such a thing possible and for running such a smooth show!
Thanks to my booth mates Brynn Metheney and Colin Nitta for making every part of the experience so fun. And thanks so everyone who I met at the show for the support, kind words and inspiration. I hope to see you all next year.